Customer Feedback

Kerri Schultz

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Confidentiality is very important to me. Below are email I have received. The last names have been withheld to respect their privacy.

“Thank you so much for another great, inspiring reading! It again was right on the spot! It will help me alot!:) You are so wonderful! You are so insightful! Thank you, Kerri! You have such a wonderful gift, and I hope that you will continue to make people happy, and that you guide them in the right direction, but I know you will!!”

– Arthur T., The Netherlands

“Thanks so much for the reading, I had such a lovely feeling with it (not like a past life reading I had recently with another reader), which I couldn’t identify with at all, and wasn’t even constructive in the sense that I could grow and learn from it! Inspiring reading! Would definitely recommend to others!”

– Heather F., Germany

“I want to express my thanks to you for the wonderful reading you did for me. It provided much clarification to what I have been thinking and feeling as of late. Fortunately, through your reading and guidance I have been able to work with and clear my chakras through meditation, visualization, affirmations and reading cards. I have also been able to speak my Truth by allowing myself free time to regenerate, rejuvenate and recharge. Both my husband and my daughter have seen the improvement in both my attitude and demeanor. They have also been supportive in my need for nurturing myself as well. I am in a much better space now than when you did the reading for me. I guess I simply needed the gentle (or not so gentle, LOL) nudging from Spirit (and you), and the permission to focus on myself and refill myself. Thank you for the wonderful gift that you have. I greatly appreciate it. Absolutely/Amazingly accurate and insightful. I highly recommend her readings.”

– Dawn C.

“That is truly amazing! That is exactly how I feel! You are Gifted! I would like to have a telephone reading with you. I feel I can trust you!”

– Judi

“Kerri, you absolutely read into my situation in a way nobody ever has! Almost unbelievable! Please refer back to my reading to find out just how right you and Spirit were!”

– Kim

“Wow that is EXACTLY what is going on...! Thank you...I will be asking more questions - excellent advice. Thank you for your help. See you again soon..! - Thank you for the honesty and mindfulness of your reading!”

– Kris

“Kerri is amazing. Insightful and compassionate are only the beginning. Due to my schedule I couldn’t complete the full hour in the first session yet she followed up and made sure we rebooked to complete my hour fulfilling the listing description. During the second session we even went way past the remaining minutes. Her only concern was making sure we covered all my questions and that I understood and was comfortable with the message she was delivering. She is truly amazing - book time with Kerri; you won’t be disappointed!”

– Sharon A., Texas

“Dear Kerri: Thank you for your reading. I had to laugh, (to myself) when I read it. I can be a very skeptical person, but I am convinced that you are gifted! That is truly amazing! That is exactly how I feel! You are Gifted! I would like to have a telephone reading with you. I feel I can trust you!”

– Julia, Pennsylvania

“Your reading was very accurate. I have never had one done so accurate. Thank you again for my reading. I will definitely be back for more.”

– Michelle D., New York

“First of all, I would like to say how grateful I am that our paths managed to cross! Secondly, your reading was completely accurate. I thank you so very much. You truly have been blessed with a wonderful gift and I am so appreciative that we were connected! Also, thank you for delivering the message so gently and kindly. I know I have been given the complete "truth" of the matter, which is what I have been struggling so hard to find. I plan on lighting a candle tonight to give thanks to the Spirits and to you for allowing these messages to come to me.”

– Debbie S., North Carolina

Kerri, Thank you so much for my wonderful reading. You were extremely accurate and insightful. I am grateful to you and all of those spirits who stepped in to give their messages with love and guidance.”

– Diane B., Arizona

“Kerri, Just wanted to let you know that your reading is turning out to be very accurate. When I first read this reading I thought there is no way that I am going to find a way to do Reiki on animals where I live. But, after waiting a few days and going back - it’s like my guides slapped me upside the head - I read an article about a female local vet who does Reiki! Thanks so much for your help. You are great!!!”

– Christel, Texas

“Take care and I hope this helps. You are a TRUE reader, and your guides are phenomenal, so I hope that you will continue doing what you do!”

– Kathy S., New Jersey

“A wonderful spiritual advisor! Always recommended for valuable insight!”

– Andrea F., Kentucky

“She is truly gifted and accurate! All insights shared with compassion.”

– Debbie S., West Virginia

“Wonderful reading. One of the best on Ebay. Sincere and Genuine. Highly recommend!”

– Michele D., Massachusetts

“Wonderful reading - intuitive, accurate, and professional. Highly recommended!”

– Dawn R., Kansas