How You Can Prepare

Kerri Schultz

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Don’t worry, your information is safe.

Readings — How to Prepare

Say a Prayer - Say a gentle prayer asking your angels, guides, and fairies to please be present and deliver any messages that you need to know.

Be Comfortable, Relaxed and Open - There is nothing to fear. Spiritual Guidance is meant to be loving and for your highest good. I have had experiences with clients who are fearful of the information that comes through. This then automatically blocks me from connecting with their energy. Be comfortable, relaxed and receptive to Spirit and rest assured all information received will remain confidential.

Readings — What to Expect

Please give Name, Age, and Location (State, Country ONLY).
Please be specific in what you want to know. You can ask for a general reading of an area of concern, but Spirit always shows me what you Need to know, and sometimes it may not be what you Want to know.
Email Readings
Email readings also include a follow up email for clarity on anything that is unclear. It is then that you may ask something more specific questions for more clarity into the situation.
Phone and Messenger Readings
For the first part of the reading I connect with your energy and relay to you the information I am receiving from Spirit. The second half of the reading you may ask specific questions.
The first step in any Reading is to make contact with your energy. By doing this, I can see your situations and what is occurring in your life. The second step is to make contact with the Spirit Realm who offers guidance to you about these situations. Spirit communicates with me in several ways, not only do I use my clairvoyant, clairs entient, and clairaudient abilities. I also channel Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides. This means that I make contact with those in other realms and can pass on their messages to others.
Spirit Communication
I have the gift of Symbolic Sight. Symbolic Sight is when you can see situations as symbolism. When I do a reading, I first connect with your energy and immediately I start getting a picture of what is happening in your life. It is then that I channel an Ascended Master who relays important guidance about the situation. This becomes very in-depth, so please, whether you are receiving an email reading or messenger reading, ask about anything that is unclear. Symbolism can always be clarified.