Angels and Archangels

Kerri Schultz

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Angels and Archangels are the most popular of our guides. There are angels with us every day that help us with even the smallest tasks. All of us have a Guardian Angel that is with us from the time we are born until the time we pass over. Throughout one day we may have several angels working with us for different tasks, and once completed leave us. We are also all looked after by an Archangel who oversees the angels that help us. This Archangel oversees us our entire lives also and corresponds to the path we are on in this lifetime.

Call upon the Angels whenever you need help, and they will be there instantly. They are there to help and they want to help. Ask for anything from a parking space to helping you find a love relationship. Below are listed some of the types of angles and some Archangels and their purpose.

Types of Angels