Animal Totems

Kerri Schultz

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A totem is an object, animal or being whose energy we resonate with during our life. Animal Totems or Animals Guides are Animals in Spirit who are with us to teach and guide us. Understanding our own personal animal totems can lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves and also how we interact with others. Animal totems are similar to Spirit Guides in that some Totems are our life totems while other Animal Guides are only with us briefly to give us a message or enhance our energy with their own to get us through a specific time in our lives.

How to Identify your Animal Totem

About Animal Totems

Some Animal Totems and their Spiritual Meanings:

I have found that one powerful way to begin connecting with your Animal Totem is to call upon the Ascended Master Saint Francis of Assisi. Saint Francis was an Italian monk who formed the spiritual order called the Franciscans in 1212. Saint Francis was best known for his communication with animals, when he talked groups of animals they would always gather around him.

Below is a short mediation that was given to me by St. Francis to connect with other people’s animal totems or guides. Find a place where you can be quiet, light a candle, and if you have a tape with nature sounds that would enhance the mediation. Don’t dismiss anything that you get during this meditation, your animal guide may appear to you visually, or you may just get a feeling.

St. Francis Meditation

First begin to relax by flexing and releasing every part of your body. Start with your toes, then your feet, your calves, stomach, arms, neck etc. Every part of your body, slowly flex and relax. Take a deep breath, hold to the count of ten and release, take two more deep breathes, hold to the count of ten and release. See a brilliant white light surround your body like you are in the center of an egg of white light. Know that you are divinely protected in this white shell.

Imagine that you are walking along the shoreline, feel the water rushing up and covering your feet and the wet sand creeping in between your toes. Everything is perfect, the sun is warming you, but not too hot, the surf is cool and you have no worries. As you walk along the shore, you see up ahead a grove of trees and you walk to the edge. The trees are dense and it is dark, but inviting. You notice a path within the trees and you decide to venture in. Although you do not have shoes on, the dirt under your feet is smooth and although the trees towering above are tall and cast dark shadows, you feel comfortable, at ease and at peace. Up ahead you see a clearing and someone sitting on a marble bench. The man is tall and thin, and wearing a brown robe. Around his waist is a rope, and his hair is that of a monk. He has a gentle smile and he holds his hands out to welc o me you. Sit down next to him and ask him to help you to connect with your animal totem/guide. Suddenly in front of you, in the bushes, you hear a rustling, and out of the bushes emerges an animal. This is one of you animal guides that is with you. Ask Saint Francis to help you connect with another animal. Again, the bushes rustle, and another animal steps forth. Continue to do this until no other animals appear. Thank Saint Francis for his help in connecting with your animals. You see the path which you came in and start to return to the shore from where you came in. When you are at the edge of trees and see the water, start to bring yourself back to where you are and slowly open your eyes. Do not worry if you fall asleep while doing this meditation. Take note of any dreams you have and if any animals appeared in your dreams. It may take you a few tries in order to quiet your mind, but keep trying. The more you try, the more your intuition opens up.