Nature Spirits or Faeries

Kerri Schultz

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Faeries would be considered the Guardian Angels of nature. Every flower, plant, blade of grass, tree, animal, form of water, etc. has faeries working with it. Faeries help plants grow, help plants die, help them to emit their fragrance etc. Faeries also help us and attuning to them can help guide us and also bring healing into our lives.

The Best Places for Faerie Approach

The Best Times for Faerie Approach

Signs of Faerie Approach and Presence

How to Connect with the Faeries

There are three Ascended Masters who can be called upon to assist you in making a connection with the Faerie Realm. These Masters are Dana, Diana, Maeve, as well as Oonagh, an overseer of the Faeries Realm. Dana is an Ascended Master of Ireland who helps us realize our own self worth, and helps us to not only see the magic within us but around us. Diana is an Ascended Master of Rome who is connected with the elementals, and forest and wood nymphs. Maeve is an Ascended Master, also from Ireland, who oversees the Faerie Kingdom.