Kerri Schultz

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Those spiritual beings known as Elementals are in charge of the building blocks of nature. Each one of us has one of each Elemental working with us to aid us in developing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Fire Elementals are called Salamanders. A fire cannot be started without one present. These Elementals stimulate our spiritual development and help us to open up our intuition. They are also helpful in aiding us in making changes in our lives. Earth Elementals are in charge of building nature, such as flowers, plants, trees and rocks. These elementals are called Gnomes and they aid us in developing our physical bodies. Air Elementals are Sylphs and create the small breezes as well as mighty tornados. They work closely with Angels and help us to develop mentally. Water Elementals are Undines. Undines are in all forms of water, lakes, rivers, or just small pools of water. They help us to develop emotionally.